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Morton Surface
Works with the Morton Portable Glass Shop Item#PG01
B below. Price includes additional shipping charges due to size. Small (SS01) surface is 14-1/4" x 22-1/2"  Check out the NEW Waffle Grid
Small Surface
Item #SS01... $21.95

GS Assembly Tray
Makes the assembly of geometric dimensional shapes easy. Instructions for 8 projects included.
This is a very handy item to have in your studio.
9" x 9"
Item #PG05 .... Price: $15.59

Grinder Tongs
Perfect for holding those itzy bitzy pieces of glass while grinding.
Item #GA04 ... Price: $8.95   Quantity

Morton Glass Caddy
Excellent glass storage.
Buy several to organize all your glass.
Item #GC01 ... Price: $12.95


Portable Glass Shop by Morton
The PG01B is a new version of the Portable Glass Shop. After 20 Years of great service the PG01 has been retired. The markings on your current Morton Surface are easily modified to work with this new Glass Shop. The 78 minute audio CD and the instruction manual will having you understanding and using the PG01B faster and easier than ever before. Most of you don't like reading directions and this new concept will make learning fun again. New features like a reversible Squaring Fence for regular and thin art glass, cool new fixtures like the fast angles, both metric and inch scales and audio support makes the PG01B a must have for art glass enthusiasts.

Works with either the Morto
n Mini Surface or the Maxi Surface.
Item #PG01B... Price: $84.95
Morton Safety Break System M-80

Handles regular stained glass and 1/4" plate.

Item #SB80 ... Price: $26.95

Morton Circle & Border System
The ultimate accessory for the Portable Glass Shop
Putting a glass border around a glass circle uses a lot of glass and leaves you with hard to use scrap. The CBS1 changes how you do it. Great tool for fusers and mosaic work. Includes video instruction. Cutting surface not included. 

Circle & Border System
Item #CBS1 ... Price $94.95

Additional information and instructions can be viewed here

Thrifty Light Kit
Thrifty Light Kit Easy to assemble light box kit. Combine with a G.E. 'Bright Stik' and the Mini-Surface or 1/4" plate glass. (Light fixture in picture is not part of the Thrifty Light Kit. Requires Mini Surface or 1/4" plate glass for surface.)
Item #TLK ... Price: $29.95
Clean Cut
Will make perfect border miters on Zinc, Copper or Brass. This wood miter vise provides 90 and 45 degree guide for you
r standard hack saw. Also plugs into the Morton Mini and Maxi surfaces.
Item #ZM01 ... Price: $14.95


Also check out the Cutters Mate for a complete glass 
cutting system that works with the Morton Maxi or Mini Surface.


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