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The Twin Spin by Inland

Twin Spin by INLANDThis is a thing of beauty!

This machine can be used as a regular grinder or as a disk grinder.
Includes 1" and 1/4"  grinding heads, along with a  huge  5" diamond disk coated with diamonds on the top and side. Several miter guides and a mini work surface are included. It can also be used for beveling glass using Inland's unique "Beveling Conversion Kit".

acnvbul2.gif (968 bytes) The TwinSpin™ gives you two machines in one. A router type grinder that drills holes, shapes and grinds, and a  disc grinder that straight edge grinds, bevels, thins, miters and grinds with amazing speed using the outer edge  of the 5" disc. Conversion takes less than one minute.
acnvbul2.gif (968 bytes) The TwinSpin™ makes projects easier to build, better constructed and more professional looking.
acnvbul2.gif (968 bytes) It's an economical choice for hobbyist and professional. With TwinSpin™ in your workshop you have a standard grinder and disc grinder that you can covert into a beveling machine.
acnvbul2.gif (968 bytes) Because the TwinSpin™ shapes and grinds more than just glass, you'll find it's a useful tool for many projects around the home.
acnvbul2.gif (968 bytes)
Five Year Full Confidence Warranty

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Product Specs:

Stock no. 20070
Motor: 28 oz/in or torque, maximum 3550 rpm, 1/11 hp.
Torque: 28 oz.-in
Size: 12" wide x 10" deep x 6" high.
Weight: 11 lb.

Item# TS1 ................$254.95

5" Standard Grit Replacement Disk
for the TwinSpin Grinder
Item# TSD ................$64.95

IMPORTANT! Always use safety glasses when grinding.

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